We refill most old candles - not just our own!

We refill approximately every 3 months, once we have collected enough vessels to make a batch, so please be patient whilst you wait for your refills!


You can drop off at our new studio:

Hello Lovely Store,
83 Myddleton Road,
Bowes Park 
N22 8NE


Or with our brilliant friends at:

Fridge of Plenty, 
132 crouch Hill
N8 9DX


If you are further afield please do get in touch and we can discuss postal options.

We will add your candle to the next batch and let you know when it’s ready.

Candle refill guide:

1. Clean your vessels before giving them to us*.

Please always  check whether your candle is washable.

a) putting the container  in the freezer  until the wax is really cold, then using a knife, cut up the wax in the bottom of the glass and remove.

b) sit the candle vessel in hot water for a few minutes and scoop out old wax when it gets soft.

c) If you candle is washable, pour very hot water into the candle vessel. The wax will melt in the water - leave to cool and the wax should solidify on the top of the water- you can then scoop it out.

If possible - remove the metal wick holder with the end of a spoon.

*uncleaned vessels will incur a cleaning fee of £1.00 each

2. Let us know the approx size of your refills ( see below ) 

3. Look through our scent list and tell us which scents you would like.

4. Then clearly attach your name, contact details and chosen scent to each candle so it doesn’t get lost in the batch!!

5. Wrap your candles safely, Crouch End Candles cannot be held responsible for any breakages during transit or refill.

If you don't know the weight of the wax needed to fill your container - follow these steps:

1. Fill your empty vessel with water

2. measure the water in ml

3. calculate 0.83 x the ml. This will give you the approx weight of wax.( we will weigh the wax and give you the exact amount once refilled ) 

Candle refill Prices:
up to 100g - £9.00
100g to 159g  - £11.00
160g to 179g - £12.00
180g to 199g - £13.00
200g to 219g - £14.00
220g to 249g - £16.00
250g to 299g - £18.00
300g to 349g - £20.00
350g to 399g - £22.00
400g to 449g - £24.00
450g to 499g - £28.00

( please ask about larger sizes ) 

We also offer refills for our Diffusers - £16 for 100ml

and our Room Sprays - £10 for 100ml


Do something amazing, refill not landfill 🖤

candle refills

**please note, Crouch End Candles cannot be held responsible for breakages or damage during transit, or refill service.