our story

Crouch end Candles is based in a small workshop in North London. We are dedicated to making the world a happier place one candle, diffuser and wax melt at a time. 

We believe that the warm glow of a candle can lift any mood - and that a scent can trigger infinite emotions, so it was important to capture the essence of each fragrance with a name that is both expressive and emotive, whilst being influenced by our love of travel and our journey through life. 

With each of our hand poured scented candles our aim is to evoke a sentimental feeling, a memory of a special place, or moment in time. 

Our candles are hand poured in small batches and will have an individuality to each one; we admire the beauty of Imperfection!


Our candles are dedicated to

the dreamers, the truth seekers and the lovers, never forget how fabulous you are.

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Est 2019.